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I know it sounds strange, but I stopped my RLS with a bar of soap placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed.

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what kind of soap?

Jim Humphreys

I'm laying here at 2 o'clock in the morning suffering from RLS, being miserable, but Im almost crying, laughing so hard, Im gonns piss myself, reading the guy who wrote this soap thing is crazy and you should try stinking a mouse up you ass. Really who the hell thinks up this stuff. It's all new to me but who knows, desperate enough I might try it some day.


I've had RLS since I was a child and even before they came up with a name for it. My father had it and my daughter has it. I tried the soap (irish spring). It did not work for me.


Yeah, why doesn't anyone get back and tell us if it worked for them. My Doc (from John Hopkins) also suggested this home remedy, so all those mean and sarcastic comments can take a flyin leep! I dont cuss so thats the best come back youll get out of me. The soap didn't work for me apparently because of a different medication i'm on. I'm sure it would have, SO HA HA 'skarneptics' (sarcastic & skeptic)


I am searching for ideas to try for my wife's RLS, her symptoms seems to fit the disease. Her medical doctor checked her iron and thyroid (TSH) and her other blood tests came back all within normal. The doctor agrees with RLS as a possible diagnosis.

Tried the soap thing last night, and she told me this morning it was one of the best night she has slept!

I don't care if its 'un-scientific', how many times have we heard things that 'make sense' but doesn't work? If she can get relieve from this simple action, so be it!


I am back posting again, my wife had 3 nights of great sleep. She has not had more than 2 nights in a row in the past 6 months. So she is convinced and I am relieved!!


I guess not too many people visit this page.

Well, I have posted twice, and I will post one more time to let you know my wife's RLS is 90% gone with this soap thing! I can't believe it, I can't explain it. If there's any change I will update, but so far this has worked!


Thanks for posting your follow up. I will try it. I will stand on my head and whistle through my belly button if I can stop hurting. lol


Have RA and Fibromaylaga. Started new med and have had RLS symptoms for three nights now. I am very tired. Holiday weekend and now I am hoping a bar of Dove Sensitive Skin Soap will be the cure.


My parents have sworn by this for years to prevent leg cramps.....weird, and I tease the heck out of them, but I guess it works!

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