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I know it sounds strange, but I stopped my RLS with a bar of soap placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed.

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I am severely affected with RLS. My hairdresser tells me that she places a bar of soap under the sheets and it relieves her RLS.


My medical doctor told me to use soap. Vanderbilt and Univ of Virginia educated. So, I figure what the heck. Nothing to lose, eh? Didn't help. Still trying, but I am a huge skeptic of this kind of stuff. Sure would be nice if it helped, Inherited RLS from my mother and have been suffering from it for years. Good luck to all.


I am 29 weeks pregnant and started having rls between 27 and 28 weeks(never had it before). I put a bar of irish spring between my sheets right under my legs and it has helped. Not sure why just glad it did, since I can not take any meds for it while I am pregnant.


My mother uses the soap trick and claims it works. My dad who has leg cramps says it has no effect on him at all. My doctor says if it has any effect at all, the condition is purely psychological. Rates right up there with Mentholatum on the soles of your feet for a cough or WD40 for arthritis. Works if you think it does. The mind is the most powerful medicine known to man.

Lou RLS sufferer

Bar of soap in the bed ha ha ha that's nuts try inserting a mouse in your ass that might work aswell ha ha ha


My husband had RLS and I put a bar of soap under the sheets without telling him and about a week later I asked him about his RLS. He said he had not been bothered with it for a few nights! This is a big improvement as he would have RLS every night and he had it for many years, now he does not have it at all. He did not know about me putting the soap under the sheets so some how it really does work!


i just got dignosed with rls and I could not figure out for the longest why my legs where bothering me but I am going to try this soap thing


I am trying it tonight lol.
Just hope I'm as pshychotic as the rest of you and it works because the meds's side affects are as bad if not worst then the problem.
Let you know....


ok, i'm sick and tired of waking up sick and tired with RLS!!! it's driving me nuts~~~so tonite i will try the soap test as i've heard it before. i noticed alot of you use irish spring....does the kind matter??? i'm going to try using tone soap with cocoa butter as it's the only soap i use. and does anyone know how many nights it takes before i get any relief from this totally miserable ache in my leg!
oh, and my doctor also said it could be related to my thyroid as my levels are off. just thought i'd throw that out there.


Here's what I don't understand. Why are there so many comments saying ' Does this work, I'm going to try it tonight' and then there's never any follow-up as to the result. I don't get it.

Why can't you people get back with the results ?????

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