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I know it sounds strange, but I stopped my RLS with a bar of soap placed under the sheets at the foot of the bed.

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I have been fighting RLS for many years and had bad reactions with all the prescription meds given by various MDs. But even though I still have a hard time believing it, a bar of Irish Spring placed under the bottom sheet at the calf level completely eliminates my RLS! I have to replace the soap every 3 weeks with a fresh bar but please try it if you have this problem. Don't know why it works but just that it does!!!


I was told to use dial or dove ???


I was told to use an antibacterial soap like Dial. It seems to be helping but I keep trying to find the 'reason why.' Do you think this means that restless leg may be physiologicial? The pain I have experienced for years seems real enough...


dial and ivory soap used to work for me (dove never did) but it seems after a couple of years, I have become immune to this positive effect.


What? How did you even come up with that?


My wife tried the bar of soap on a recommendation and it worked so well that we suggested it to my mom who now reports that it has completed eliminated her RLS. Don't know what mom uses but my wife has a bar of Dove in our bed.


I take medication for my RLS and it seemed to stop working. I tried this home remedy because I had no idea what else to do. Crazy enough, it works! Thank you so much for this very effective home remedy.


oh my god!! only in america.if you were told to put a chickens head between the mattress and the duvet you would actually do it!


My mom placed a piece of soap secretly between the sheets when my dad was still living in 2002 or 2003; it worked. She now uses it and has since then. I am going to try it tonight because my RLS is giving me fits here now. Tell me, if anyone knows. I work from home and am on the computer for 8 1/2 hours per day. My RLS is driving me nuts tonight. Does this remedy help even throughout the day while I work? Or is it only good at night? Thanks a bunch...


The bar of soap between the sheets also works for cramps in your legs. Both my sister and dad (88 yrs old) swear by it.....

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