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Hiya :]

Do this once a month for smooth/nice skin.

After a shower/bath, take vasiline, and when I say 'Take' I mean scoop a whole bunch in you're hands and apply everywhere a huge layer of it. You're skin will not turn greasy, but you have to keep it on for about an hour or so to soak in. Yeah, it might sound like a pain in the butt right now having to wait an hour for it to soak in, but you only have to do it once a month for beautiful skin... choice is yours, good luck!

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I had to re-read your posting. So funny!! I'm going to have to try this, living in Vegas is torture on the skin. Thanks for the suggestion!!


I hope you know you are slathering your entire body in the same stuff that gasoline is made out of. This stuff acts like saran wrap on your body and traps in all the toxins while not letting in any good stuff. Take a look at the ingredients in vaseline. petrolatum is a by product of what is used in gasoline and in the long run is like putting poison on your skin.


My great grandmother used to do this every night and sleep with it on and let me tell you the woman has the most beautiful skin because of it. Smooth, soft and she looked 10 years younger than she was.


What is the best thing to wash it off with once the hour is over? I'm trying it right now.


Tried this last night and OMG my face is soooo soft today, no greasy feeling or anything. thanks so much.

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