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Lavy Hogan

Nyquil, or Kroger Nitetime take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

This is the fastest home remedy out there.

And its safe.

I searched all through the web, after getting a tooth ache over the weekend.

A nursue friend told me abou this

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I could seriously kiss you! This worked! After a week of the worst pain I have felt in my 26 years I can actually sit here like a normal person and not cry every few minutes. lol I just found out today I have an absesed tooth. My dr gave my Tramadol (Ultram) and it did NOTHING to take this pain away. Thank you so, so much.


WOw it worked! Thanks so much! I hate toothaches...I didn't have nyquil, but I did have the nighttime theraflu and it worked just as good...I had also taken 2 advil liqui gels and 2 tylenol rapid release as well...I will also start taking my apple cider and odorless garlic pills to take the infection out...natural antibiotic...I am allergic to penicillin and the dentist is way too expensive for me right now...these all work wonders...for me


The NyQuil thing hurts even WORSE at first, then subsides within moments. Yes, it actually does work once you make it through that initial shock.


i was amazed i have been suffering until i tried this it worked great!! thanks


niquil wooohoooo


help please i just seen this about nyquil for a toothache i seen you swish it sround the tooth but then do you swallow it or spit it out.

The Momman8ter!

It's 10:55 pm Saturday night in Arizona and my 9-year old son has been suffering with a toothache - tried Orajel; Tylenol; cool water; ice water; then stumbled upon this remedy and he is now resting much more peacefully than ten minutes ago! Had him swish twice; then once again 5 minutes later. You can see the relief in his face. Hopefully this does the trick through the night - we were just about out of our Walgreen's brand of Nyquil - there's only about two tablespoons left. Thanks for the reviews and postings! Here's to a toothache-free world!


I am waiting for my dental benefits to kick in at work and have some serious tooth pain. I've been up until 3:00 A.M. with pain that has now developed into a headache. I just tried using some DayQuil and was pleasantly surprised when the pain was gone within 5 minutes. You are a life saver!!!


even buckleys work!!thanks alot..


it works :D

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