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Lavy Hogan

Nyquil, or Kroger Nitetime take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

This is the fastest home remedy out there.

And its safe.

I searched all through the web, after getting a tooth ache over the weekend.

A nursue friend told me abou this

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i have a medical problem that made all of my teeth brittal and no matter what i do there is nothing that can be done. Im haven pain from out of this worl right now im going to give this a try and i will let you know how it works this will reall be the test for this.


!!!!!!!!IT WORKS!!!!!!
I am a Paramedic, up at 1:40am i have been in pain for two days now, have an appt. in the morning for the doc. I have never herd of this but it WORKS.... im going to tell everyone i know, thank you so very much for posting this for all of us to use. God Bless You.......


I tried it. Works better than anything else I've tried. Works instantly


holy crap. that was amazing. in about 5 minutes the pain was gone. very awsome method there, thank you


this is tha bomb. it work


I tried this remedy and IT WORKS!!!! I am waiting for our new dental to kick in on Jan 1st to go to the dentist and have have SEVERE tooth pain for about 1 month now. After downing way to much Ibu and Tylenol I searched the net this was the first site that came up. I tried the NYQuil and immediately was relieved. Thank you. I don't know how long the relief will last, so I told my husband not to worry, I am not a NYQUIL JUNKIE. I might be after I get to the dentist though. :)


I admit, I was skeptical at first, but since I had NyQuil, I tried it. It started working immediately and the pain subsided a little. SO I figured it was better than nothing. THEN, after about 3 minutes, the pain was completely GONE. I am smiling and moving my jaw around and NO PAIN WHATSOEVER> Unbelievable. I have been suffering this toothache for days now. Pain relievers no longer work. That is why I looked online for help. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


This worked amazingly well!! Better than the other remedies i tried from this site, and the relief lasts me for at worst well over an hour... usually several hours before I do it again.



Thanks, it works.


this really does work my mom had such a bad tooth ache.... so we looked this up and the tooth ache went away it was awsome she dident even swallow it she just put it in her mouth on the bad tooth and spit it out... thank you who ever put this remedie on here!

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