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Lavy Hogan

Nyquil, or Kroger Nitetime take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

This is the fastest home remedy out there.

And its safe.

I searched all through the web, after getting a tooth ache over the weekend.

A nursue friend told me abou this

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thank you soooo very much that really did work!!! I had a tooth ache for a long time now and i was taking pills like crazy but thats not good so i did this and it worked so thanks who ever you are!!!! I'ma send you the biggest kiss from me to you SSSSMMMMAAAACCCKKK!!!!!




My husband was in so much pain due to a broken tooth. We tried the remedy and all he kept saying is hell yea, hell yea, HELL YEA.. I took that to mean it worked well. Thanks for the info


thankyou so much....worst pain ive had in a long time and this helped


Thank you so much for this great tip!!! My 11 year old daughter lost a filling and cannot get into the dentist for 3 weeks!! Your tip saved her!!!!


It worked. I went to the store bought Nyquel and rinsed in the parking lot. Thank you so much


Didn't have Nyquil but had Dayquil and I thank the gods it has worked wonders. My pain went from a 9 out of 10 to a 1 or 2 out of 10 in about 3 minutes. Thank you for posting this remedy. I tried everything and nothing worked.

p king

wow this stuff realley work very quick



Amit Kumar

Good remedy, It helped me with a wisdom teeth that was giving temporary problem. Nice to have such suggestions in the web... thanks...

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