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Lavy Hogan

Nyquil, or Kroger Nitetime take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

This is the fastest home remedy out there.

And its safe.

I searched all through the web, after getting a tooth ache over the weekend.

A nursue friend told me abou this

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It worked yay!!!


I just found this because of an unbearable toothache. As soon as I seen this suggestion, I tried it. It worked wonders!! I couldn't hardly stand the pain, now I feel great. Liquid Orajel wouldn't even touch it.


Benzocaine or xylocaine works best.
other alternatives are pain killers till u can see a dentist.


Thank you so much!!! This helped my tooth ache try this if you're about ready to kill over with a tooth ache


omg thank you sooooo much.i have had major teeth problems for a while,and dentists cost to much


Trying this remedy now will let you know how it turns out!!! Hope its positive...


Oh My Word, I am starting to feel better, Thank you so much for the info.. will use this untill my dentist appointment...


I've become ammuned to Orajel,its not working anymore. when I tried Nyquil it was an IMMEDIATE relief. unbelievable ! Thanks for the tip,a real life saver-toothache pain is one of the worst pains to try to handle.

Shari Seale

I've had this dang cavity for months puttin off going to the dentist. Well, woke up this morning and its abcessed. Found this site and tried this remedy. WOW! Who wudda thought. Instant relief. Thanks.


My husband has had a bad tooth ache for about a week now , He went to the dr. and they refused to pull the tooth so of course he came home. Last nigh christmas eve we were in the ER he was in to much pain, I had him try this today and it was unbelievable to see how fast it helped him. Thnak you so much for the idea ...........

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