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Wash your feet with Dial Soap(Antibacterial). Dry off and spray foot and between your toes with Arrid Extra Dry Deorderant,. If your feet can't sweet, Athelets foot can not live, 3 days and a surver case will be gone, if it starts coming back, reaply,
this really works

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I always ...Well the two time iv bad athletes foot I make a paste of baking Soda and ill water make a thick but wet paste ooooh it feels good when you put it on takes pain and annoying itch away put a wet pasty gob between your toes that r infected I only knew of thus one remedy but tried the salt vinegar and water thanks that's really got it under controll all of the methods here work awsome too the baking soda remedy rewiires tou yo re appky the paste quite often its a quick fix to relieve itty needs til, u figure it out

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