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Here's a rememdy that my Aunt suggested. Place a white bed sheet on the floor before going to bed, put a cookie sheet in the middle of the sheet and fill it with water, then put a small candle in the middle of the pan and yes, light it. The fleas are attracted to the light, they jump but cannot swim, so they drown. I have tried this remedy myself and was surprised at how many dead fleas were in the water the next morning.

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When I realized I had a flea problem, I can online to find a safe way to rid of these fleas ( I have a toy dog that goes out side and a indoor cat) I came across this remedy, it sounded easy, but because of my cat I didn't want to leave a candle lit and have her jump over it and get burned, so I took the candle out. I took a plastic cake cover filled it with some water and half dawn dishsoap and just left it there, and sure enough, I didn't need a candle, I didn't see anything the first morning but by the second morning I had a bunch dead. I leave one in each room all day and night. I also use a spray bottle 1/2 water 1/2 dawn and shake it good and spray it on EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I use dog garlic chewables and the dog has been flea free for weeks and not really seeing the fleas any more, i spray everyday and vacuum

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