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Here's a rememdy that my Aunt suggested. Place a white bed sheet on the floor before going to bed, put a cookie sheet in the middle of the sheet and fill it with water, then put a small candle in the middle of the pan and yes, light it. The fleas are attracted to the light, they jump but cannot swim, so they drown. I have tried this remedy myself and was surprised at how many dead fleas were in the water the next morning.

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I would not recommend using a candle for this. Especially if you have pets, the chances are higher of a pet knocking over the candle and causing a fire. They do however sell little 'tea-light' lights that you could use in this place. They are relatively inexpensive as well.


We've recently had a flea outbreak although all of our dogs are outside dogs and we are looking to try many things but we tried this one with the candle and white sheet and it did not work. A little unhappy about it since I have a one year old and am trying to keep it gentle in removing the fleas.


I have a Chihuahua and hes so spoiled I try to give him what he wants and he deciced he wanted a Kitty so I got one and when someone ran over George I notice there was more fleas than first started,Cuejoe gets flea bathes and my house is very clean, I remember that I use to put water out with a small lamp and water, Guess what the fleas do swim and gets to the sides and gets out(for real)Watch them under a mag glass SO I suggest for anyone the light and candle is great just make sure you use a deep bowl with some soap(any soap)and then watch how many you get :)


It is insane for anyone to even advise this. Not only is it a great way to start a fire, but think of people who may get killed if a fire happened in the middle of the night. Maybe kids will die too...Ridiculous idea....People DO NOT use this idea. It is an absolute danger that can cost you your life


FOLKS WHO BELIEVE THIS WILL START AT FIRE-Please read...THE CANDLE IS SURROUNDED BY WATER. It may get knocked over but it will be put out by the pan of water


I never used water but I have used dish soap....just spread the soap on a sheet of aluminum foil I flipped a baking pan upside down and wrapped the whole avoid a fire can flip a glass upside down and put a flash light on the glass and turn it on of course....they are very attracted to light and they get stuck in the dish liquid~~~~GOOD LUCK~~~~

Flea Free in KS

We used a cake pan filled to 1/2 with water and 1-2 drops of Dawn. Place a gooseneck desk lamp over or small table lamp beside the cake pan. This is a safer alternative than the candle AND it did work. We moved this to different areas of our home until all fleas were gone. We didn't have to worry about toxins to pets or people.


i tried everything nothing worked then i saw that someone had put a candle in water and lit it fleas jump to the lite and drown to my surprise it worked great now i have a pan of water and a candle in every room and wa-la no more fleas works great try it


this is by far the stupidest most brainless suggestion ive ever heard in my life. fleas are not attracted to light otherwise they would constantly be seen on your pet, working their way up, or infesting bright areas in home. They hide from the light hence the most popular place finding them is Butt,under tail,ears, between legs,private zone ect. fleas are attracted to heat not light. there is a difference people.


People, leaving a candle unattended, whether it is in a pan of water or not, is NEVER safe.

Don't try this one.

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