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Nurses in nursing homes have nic-name for this remedy. 'The Bomb' MIx a cup of prune juice an a cup of coffee and add 30cc of MIlk of Magnesia warm it up. YOu should go by morning if taken at bedtime.

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The Bomb? thats HILARIOUS. I'll try it.


as a nurse, we find that there are a lot of people that do not like coffee... we make the bomb with Milk of Mag., a single serve container of Prune just and half of a 8oz can of lemon-lime.. warmed in the microwave for 45 seconds ( usually works in 1-3 hours)


In Nursing, especially in Long Term Care facilities; we used something called a 'Black and White' which is Milk of Magnesia plus Cascara. Looks like a white Russian LOL but certainly has a much different outcome!!! I wouldn't suggest this for home use, as it is quite powerful and simple OTC meds are just as effective. 'Senekot-S' has bowel softening agents plus a non-cramping constipation helper....It's good for those that may have constipation secondary to pain medication use. Just a tip. ;)

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