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My 2 year old was just diagnosed with Eczema after about 2 long months of scratching herself raw(bleeding). The pediatrician recommended Aquafor (made by Eucerin) 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. Also, she gave us a topical steroid cream to use at night before the Aquafor, and a prescription for a Hypoallergenic Hydrating Lotion named Hylira. Overnight I saw a huge improvement, and now within 2 days even better. The pediatrician said that I would only need to use the steroid cream during a breakout. I hope this is good info, because I know that this is a very frustrating battle to heal. Someone also recommended to bath my child at night, then get them out of the tub and while still damp cover them with vaseline. Take a pair of footed one piece pajamas, get them wet with warm water, ring them out as much as possible, then place them on my daughter. Then wrap her in a towel and put a movie on for her until the pajamas cool down. This is supposed to be good for helping the vaseline absorb into the body.

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the bathing, then slathering with vaseline or cetaphil lotion is good. but would you really want to make a child sit in wet pajamas for any amount of time? that sounds horrible!


As a petroleum product, Vaseline isn't the best to be slathering on a child. A good, all-natural alternative is 'Un-Petroleum Jelly,' sold in Health Food Stores. It is made from natural oils (castor, coconut, soybean) and beeswax. Better & more gentle.


Actually the sitting in wet Pyjamas I can relate to. It actually feels good to have the moisture up against the itchy skin. However I got better results using Camomille tea. Not the bags but the real dried flower butts. Try they have the real stuff or health food stores. Good job was the only thing given me relieve on some bad outbreaks. As far as the Pyjamas make sure they are 100% cotton for sleep or wet soak. Polyester aggrevates eczema.

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