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Wintergreen Oil is the only thing that helped me when I had severe gum pain.

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W.G.oil don't do anything for your hurting gums it only makes it hurt alot more because i tryed this stuff and it made my teeth and gums have alot more pain I felt like nocking my teeth out with a hammer please don't try w. G. Oil it only makes thangs worse so the dump ass that said this shit works is a dum ass bicth or a dum ass basterd


winter green oil is poisonous in even relatively small doses. so i wouldnt recommend this at all.


Clove oil & peppermint oil works.

Gargle with warm salt water 3 times a day.

Brush & floss at least twice a day.

Get teeth cleaned by a dentist twice a year. Look for dental schools or special coupons from dentist.

Google free dental day.

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