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My husband just got a toothache so we found this page. Unfortunately we didn't have any clove oil. But after reading a few remedies on here, I made a concoction for him.
I mixed ground cloves with some vanilla extract to make a paste. Then we applied the mixture to his tooth with a Q-tip. Within minutes the pain subsided.

Clove oil can be toxic in low doses... If you plan on using clove oil, please go to wikipedia(.com) and type in 'Oil of Cloves' (I would paste the addy here but this site wont allow it)
Wikipedia has tons of useful information about clove oil.

Always rinse your mouth with mouthrinse before doing this, not only to clean the affected area, but the rinse will help dull the pain!

Hope it works!

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Excellent! Just applied- this worked instandly...THANK YOU!!!


I just tried it and so far its working although its only been like 1/2 or so.. Thanks


Just wanted to let you know ... so glad it worked and I think I will try it myself ... but don't EVER trust wikipedia ... the information on there is supplied by everyday people and has no good credit. While I love the site for trivial information, it is not very trustworthy for medical information. (most colleges and universities will not accept it as a resource) Thanks for the information though!


thank you this worked great


omg this really eased my husband pain we didn know what to do

Tiffany Moore

I did that for my fiance without even looking that concoction up and he said it worked tremendously. He also enjoyed my rice sock that I had made for him.

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