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Have a teaspoon of sugar with a pinch of salt. Drink it down with a glass of water

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Would it be okay to use this on my 2 1/2 yr old son?!


Can't believe that it actually works, but it dsoes. Wow. Gave it to my 3yr old little girl. No runny tummy for 24hrs now :)

Nik Nacks

I just tried it now and I'm waiting for the results


wat a remedy worked fast it feels so good lol a wis like johnny cash burning ring of fire worked better than any tablets


God bless you!


I'm on day 3 of diarrhea, and I tried this because I knew I had the ingredients on hand. It took longer than I'd hoped, but boy it worked! Still a relatively short wait time (probably 70-90 minutes). Feeling better! Thank you!


This remedy is unbelievable, so glad I found it. Only thing I did wrong was used tablespoon of sugar instead of tsp with pinch of salt. It worked within a hour, will definitely use again and pass this remedy on to others


It works great!!! Although I would su.ggest warm water


I just tried this, hopefully it works! ive been dealing with diarrhea for 2 days now and pepto bismol is not working! hopefully this works! its already making my stomach feel better!


God bless you!! I was quite skeptical and my husband gave this a major eye roll but i figured how much worse could I get? Worked within minutes!!

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