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Have a teaspoon of sugar with a pinch of salt. Drink it down with a glass of water

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This totally worked for me! I had an upset stomach for days & nothing helped. This kept me out of the bathroom all night. I did drink another cup in the morning just to be sure. I'll remember this one for sure!!


Oh my gosh thankyou so much!
I'd been running to the toilet for 3 days and being pregnant couldn't take anything from the chemist!


My sis and brother just took it - waiting for results..


I just tried this-- waiting on results so far so good. Wasn't the most pleasant thing to have.


Ok so we just tried it. Doesn't taste all that great. But we're hoping y'all are right & it works!


just drank this formula waiting for results will have resultsin the morning


I was about to head out to my son's doctor appointment so i needed something that would work quick for my stomach. When I took this formula, OMG it really worked quick. I give this remedy a 10.


Hi, your remedie was AMAZING I had a slight upset tummy, I tried your remedie! And I perked up immediately!!!!!!!!! U SAVED MY LIFE THANKYOU soooooooooooo much


Two days of suffering, and 20 minutes after taking the sugar and salt in water mix I was okay. My stomach is still a little unsettled but not as badly as before. THANKS


Must i put the sugar & salt in the water?

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