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when we buy any shampoo or face creams do we ever think these products are good fo our skin. we trust the expensive products, eventhough they can be dangerous for your skin and hair.I have done a research on the harmful ingredients and I've come to discover the products are really harmful to a person. This is a list of harmful ingredients:
Amonium lauryl sulfate,soduim lauryl sulfate(sls)sodium laureth sulfate(SLES) these ingredients are mostly used in shampoos and are very dangerous SLS used for degreese the engine and sles used for cleaning garages and hard floors, Alpha hydroxylades,AHAS use of AHAS can make you age much faster, Bentonitor kaolin clog and suffocate the skin,cocomideDEA is dangerous.FD&C OR D&C is very damaging,dioxins are used to bleach paper,elastin suffocate the skin,glycerene,humectants dehydrating the skin lauramde DEA used in dishwashing detergents,lanolin dries the skin,mineral oils(metal cutting fluid) propylene glycol (used for brakes in the cars)are very skin damaging,petroleum (used for grease components)parabans,paraffin,sodium flouride (msds) used for RAT POISON found in toothpastes,triethanolamine,methano or wood alcohol are poison.

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Did you ever realize that there are alot of non-dangerous ingrediants in things that are joined with other ingrediants to make products which would be considered harmful. its not necessarilly the each individual ingrediants, its the combined affect of all the ingrediants that makes the harmful product. and after saying that, these products may be bad for people to digest or get into eyes. but our skin is our protective armor, and it has different texture and properties. so yes, these products can be dangerous and harmful when swallowed or gottn in eyes. but not so harmful on the skin. our skin is regenerative. and these products has ingrediants that our skin needs to maintain its balance.


Any item you listed is detrimental to the body, (which is the largest organ in the body); but it's all about the AMOUNTS used! You may be worried to see the surfactants (lathering agents), in a shampoo and say they are dangerous, but in small amounts as in most beauty products sold in the US, they are safe. What do you use to clean your hair and body? I'm curious.

On the other hand, the use of surfactants in all shampoos dry the hair out immensely. Believe it or not, the hair does not need the lathering effects of those surfactants to get clean. I am not trying to advertise a product, but I found WEN by Chaz Dean online, and I am hooked!! It cleans the hair very well without the use of ANY lathering agents. It has all natural ingredients, wish it was something I could duplicate and write here as a natural remedy!!

That product feels so soft on the hair, when washing with the Cleansing Conditioner, your hair feels SO silky, and it doesn't need extra conditioner to feel or look shiny and manageable! I have very naturally curly hair and anyone with that kind of hair knows how hard it is to brush it....use WEN once, yes, once, and you can style your hair and brush it as much as you want! It is an awesome product that truly does what it says it will do!!

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