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Most of us know that stretch marks are scars in your skin from you skin tearing due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations etc. Yes the best thing to do is to prevent them and blah, blah, blah. Okay let's say we didn't and now we have all the super FUGLY stretch marks where ever on our bodies. I have one son and one on the way and I was so freakin' small that my skin was like 'OMG I am dying' and needless to say I have ugly stretch marks. I tried all the dern cocoa butter in the friggin' world and I still got the BUT there were super light. I didnt rub it on my thighs and booty like a dummy and got really bad ones there. So...after I had him I looked for creams and started to use BARMON and that worked wonders on them and they faded dramatically. BUT it was $24.95 a bottle! I dont think that I can buy that every month! LOL! I heard that you need to heal the scars and moisturize your skin. Then I heard that if you remove old skin cells that you can help your skin rejuvenate even faster because it will be more willing to 'drink' your remedy. Here is the remedy!

*Get some exfoliating know that stuff with the little beads in it. Take that cream and rub in circular motions toward your heart all over or just on the spots with stretch marks. Rinse it off and follow with this rememdy. (Exfoliating cream does not have to be from SAKS just get a drugstore kind.)

*Mix these together:
- 1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 1/2 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
- 10 Vitamin E Capsules, Drained
- 5 Vitamin A Capsules, Drained
Place in fridgerator and use twice or more a day. Rub into skin untill fully absorbed.

This works wonders on your skin. Make sure that all the ingredients are 100% natural.

Hope that this works for you but remember that everyone's skin is different! Good Luck.

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what do u just leave the capsules like that? u dont crush it or anything?


hey i dn no but i have a lot of faith in ur ntural remmidy.. i will defebatly gna try it out... but jus want 2 ask on an average how long does it takes in fading up...n plz rply me on


yaaa one more thing what should be the quantity we should use per application..plz do rply



I would like to know, when you mention 1/2 cup what is the exact measurement for the extra virgin oil and aloe vera gel.. And the aloe vera gel should i get the gel from the inside of the aloe vera or can i buy from a shop.. The vitamin capsule, what should be the measurement for it as well.. Thank you.. My e-mail add is I really hope you can help me as i am really looking for a cure as it has been 7 years since i had my daughter and i still have not found a remedy..


i knew from the moment i started to read this, that u sounded for real. so, i'm gonna put all reluctance aside and try this.
thing is,i'm 17 and i live in jamaica.i wonder if u can imagine how having these scars on my arms and hips is affecting my choice in clothing, self- esteem and confidence.
my question is this:are the capsules to be some kind of pill? and can vitamin e capsule be substituted will a gel?
please contact me at


I've tried this and though it takes time, it actually does make a difference. Try exfoliating first, so your skin better absorbs it. And most of the ingredients can be found in the drug store or grocery. I got the vit A capsuls from a health food store though. the guy there actually recommended this recipe to me.


Where did you purchase the BARMON?? my email is


I just tried your remedy for the first time today.. when should i expect to see improvement? Please respond Thank you!!!


Hi i just wanted to know how long does it take to permanetly fade away?


hi can u pls tell me how long it takes to see improvements and would it work faster if i add raw shea butter? pls email me at

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