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I won't use toxic chemicals on my body to repel insects. I've heard that if you Eat Garlic, or rub vinegar on mosquitoes won’t want to bite or sting you.
But it you have already been bitten/stung I found this home remedy to be really helpful:
For itchy bites, first I applied rubbing alcohol, then applied a poltice of baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste and salt, cornstarch and dabbed it on each bite. (If you don't have cornstarch that ok) This homemade poltice relieved the itching and reduced the inflamation and swelling. I Leave the poltice on for a few hours or overnight until things feel better then wash off with an non-fragrance organic soap. Hope this helps.

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Toothpaste may cause chemical burns, never use toothpaste especaill on any open wounds!

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