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take up your carpet! sweep or vacuum daily and mop with bleach water, wash pet bedding in bleach and detergent. ANY soap left on a pet for over 5 mins will kill fleas(not just dawn, any soap) treat them with flea dip or spray for fleas they encounter in the yard. the topicals work if you have endless money to do that(I have 8 dogs). mine get 2-3 fleas between baths between all eight of them. it works.

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Use extreme caution with bleach around cats. It is very toxic to felines.


haha nice suggestion....take up your carpet? how ridiculous!


How often do you bath them? How much is too much?


The PH level of non-dog or cat shampoo can be very dangerous for our beloved pets.


Bleach are you trying to kill your pet.. i guess killing the poor lil animal would take care of the flea problem.. PLEASE NO ONE TRY TO USE BLEACH

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