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Salt for teeth
I use plain table salt on my toothbrush to remove plaque, tartarand bad breath.
Then I brush a second time with toothpaste and sprinkle salt over the paste. My mouth has never felt so clean and my teeth looking so bright.

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def surprised, i recently quit smoking and love coffee so my teeth arent the brightest, my wedding is in a month and i was going to go get them whitened by my dentist, but i decided to try this little tip and after the first time i noticed a difference! thanks!


i tried it with confidence but my gums bled.


As soon as I read it I then ran upstairs to try it out ....... nothing to report


hmm i tried it but nothing really worked my gums hurt though :P


I tried it and it didn't make my teeth whiter, it just made my mouth feel fresher.
I would try anything to make my teeth white!! This dissapointed me!!!


does it work straight away? Cause it didn't for me! If I try it again tomorrow, will my teeth improve?
I hope so.


Just tried this,
I think I might've used too much salt for the first part because it made my gums hurt a bit and kind of bleed, and there was very little difference in before and after. oh well.


I thought it sounded good.. and I read all the good comments about it working.. so I tried it right away... but it didn't work for me. at all.


omg, this was amazing, def. felt weird at first, the tingling in my gums was caused by the expansion of them due to the salt but after 5 minutes, they were back to normal and felt amazing, plus my teeth are extra shiney. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH !


I'm going to try it tonite and hope my teeth look super white for prom:)

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