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Salt for teeth
I use plain table salt on my toothbrush to remove plaque, tartarand bad breath.
Then I brush a second time with toothpaste and sprinkle salt over the paste. My mouth has never felt so clean and my teeth looking so bright.

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wow.i tried this and the first time i noticed my teeth whiter,less bad breath when i wake up.ive been using this idea for three days now and its great.i love teeth are so much whiter.i told my sister bout and she tried it and loved it as the idea.thanks for posting this.


I tried this today for the first time... It really does work. I am gonna keep doing but not to much cuz u never know...


i tried it my teeth and gums feel refreshened.


WOW I can beleive that something so simple works thanks so much!!


excellent remedy saw results within a few days of implementing.


OMG! You helped me so much. Im going into the 10th grade and i've always had yellow teeth from all the medications i've been on. [[And my love for coffee doesnt help much]] But anyway try it, it really does work it may take a few times but it does work... Thanks


this seems pretty simple. i have been trying different products but it cost too much. i hope this works. i can not wait to try it. thanks for the advice.


i tried this remedy, and i must say, it works very well! but please, try to keep the salt away from your gums! my gums burn, and look very wheatered now. so just try to keep the salt on your teeth! but besides that, i think i will be doing this a lot, THANK YOU! :)


just tried it..... didn't work


i'll try it...

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