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Salt for teeth
I use plain table salt on my toothbrush to remove plaque, tartarand bad breath.
Then I brush a second time with toothpaste and sprinkle salt over the paste. My mouth has never felt so clean and my teeth looking so bright.

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well, my gums are definitely exfoliated now. :)


I brush my teeth with salt once a day,It makes them feel cleaner,and whiter.Then brush with reg. toothpaste. before bedtime, You wake up with less bad breath.I aslo think it kills germs that some toothpaste don't.


I use baking soda and salt. Put a little baking soda in your hand and add a little salt dip a wet toothbrush in and brush. I then follow by brushing with toothpaste.


well that salt deal made my teeth hurt as well as my gums,helped a little bit tho but i dont think i'll keep it up


I tried using sea salt with my toothpaste and it did clean my teeth nicely, but, I developed a open sore on the inside of my lip, which took up to 2 weeks to heal and it was very painful. I probably used to much salt, so be very careful, because you can really injure the delicate tissue inside your mouth and lips.




I'll try it..thanx


Emahgod! This works soo good! I have done it twice without telling my mom and she thinks i have been whitening my teeth and i saw my friend that i haven't seen for eighteen days and she could see that there was a difference so thanks so much for posting this on here. I would have never thought of salt. THANKS SO MUCH!!


geez i just found this and thought hhmmm? simple enough, i got up i just went to my bathroom and did it... my teeth where pretty white to begin with but it seriously, just after this 1st time of doing it, looks as if i had them whitened!! im telling all my friends and family about this!! thank you so much!!!


i will try it! thanks

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