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i was looking on this site for rememdies for white teeth, & everything seemed too basic. So heres what i did : I got a bowl; put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice; & 2 teaspoons of baking soda; then i mixed it together; after that, i added a couple squirts of crest whitening expressions ( cinnimon rush, but use whatever flavor youd like ) & little water. Then mixed it to gether for 30 seconds; then brushed. After, just rinse out your mouth and wahlah, a brighter smile!

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Jessie Jackson

My word. You people are crazy! Chill, folks. Misspelled words aren't that big of a deal. And to the original poster, thank you. It worked amazingly! :)


Yes these cmmts r funnylicious. Hmm..simple ppl arguing ova simple worthless things. Hahalicious!!!

English Nazi

Misspelled aren't that big of a deal, but wouldn't you rather appear less ignorant than more ignorant?

And as for shortening things - yeah, you can spare yourself a whole letter being typed by using 'ova' instead of 'over.'

Huge savings in time, and the only cost is, you look like an idiot.


I am only 12 and I can look over things like incorrect spelling and incorrect grammar. Sometimes adults are so childish. Anway thank you,(whoever wrote this remedy)it did help somewhat.

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