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The thing that worked best for me is the itworkspaste

It removes moles and warts in 20 minutes.

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20 minutes? how is that possible? could you elaborate?


I wondered the same - 20 minutes???

Did web search - quick perusal showed - takes 20 minutes to apply.

Some said it worked - took 8 weeks.

Some said removed mole, but left 'red hole'.

Some said ridiculously priced @ around $70 for only enough to treat around 2 moles.

When in doubt - search it out !


I had a nevi that developed into a gray mole slightly smaller than a dime and was .25" thick. After sanitizing the area, I took a brand new pink nail file and scored the top of the mole in a "X" swipe, then scored all the way around the side of the mole. Next, I washed the area with soap and water, dry, take a cotton ball soak with apple cider vinegar and clean the mole again (apple cider vinegar has antibiotic benefits). Last step: take a Qtip rolling across Carmex in the jar until Qtip has even coat all the way around it. Do this liberally at least 4 times during a 5 1/2 hour period of time. After that, you will see that the mole has collapsed flat and turned black--put a Nexcare bandage over it for 24 hours--then remove it and shower as usual. Three days later, the scab falls off, and you will see a medium brownish spot colored skin--this is normal. Let the scab fall off on its own to avoid scarring. Within four to five months later, your skin will return to a normal color. The mole did not come back. The end.

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