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pert-plus...THIS STUFF OWNS!

listen up guys i just tryed this and i got grate results ...pert plus!! .
yes pert plus for dandruff...i just used it on my maltesse and all those bugs ran all the way to the back of her legs have to wash your pet real fast though and start from the neck down ..because if you start from the back up the bugs will go right up to ur pets head and probably crawl up into thier ears and trust me it really works and be careful not to start around thir back!!(use the 2 in 1 ..shampoo and conditioner..

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Hmm... I wonder if you dab the pert plus on a cotton ball and then put the cotton ball on the tick, if the tick will back out of the dog's skin. This might be worth a try.


my husband got a tick on his back and i googled this site. we had pert plus so we tried it and in a minute it came right of.... thanks....

Mary Ann

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked great! Just took a minute and the tick backed right out! I'm so glad, I was about to hop in the car and head to a night clinic!


Pert plus worked like a champ. One minute and the tick was out


My Border Collie has gotten ticks, and I've never dealt with them and would like to bath her with this...will the ticks just run to the back of her and fall off in the tub? Should I be brushing her while in the tub?


Will any dandruff shampoo work, or does it have to be Pert?

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