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Inhaling marijuana smoke shortly before going to bed has been known to aid in getting to sleep. You may feel groggy in the morning, but a quick run around the block will fix it, no problem. There are debates regarding the morality and in some cases the legality of this method, but works.

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Banana Brains

Sure, It will knock you out, and knock out a few brain cells while you are sleeping too. Been There, Done That! I now have had 4 brain tumors removed in the last 3 years. It will catch up with you and it is illegal in my state and not worth my time.


although its illegal, this remedy really works! and not only did it
help my insomnia, it solved my depression, helped me gain the weight i needed, released my creative side, and significantly lowered my anger level.

just remember,
'use it, dont abuse it.'



I like the fact that most people frown upon the use of Pot. But they will be all ready and willing to go to thier doctor to have them prescribe a lab manufactured Chemical pill. I guess the doctor knows better than you do?

Jenny Brown

Yes I agreed with the comment above this one, I can't argue with the fact that this is illegal, but let me tell you all something, most not some.. MOST of the 'sleeping' medications Doctors prescribe are worse then marijuana ever could be. Besides the fact that you undoubtedly will become addicted to these medications if taking them longer then 30 days, the long list of side effects are very real and very dangerous.

I am not a pot smoker, I came to this site because I am having trouble sleeping tonight and wanted to check out some home remedies. I just wanted to correct some of the other comments I saw about the dangers of marijuana... trust me I am a registered nurse, the dangers of a lot of the prescription medications are far more frightening.

Oh, yes and there have been no links between marijuana use and brain tumors, that I've ever heard of and I would think I would be aware of information like that. Narcotic sleeping medications have also been documented very well by scientists to damage brain cells in animals.

Like I said, I am not trying to tell people to go out and get marijuana, nor I am a user, I just wanted to make sure people have their facts in order.


on the subject of if it is ok to smoke pot. I think in my opinion that i would rather be high and know what im doing rather than be drunk and loose all cotrol of my body and self just saying and i smoked for five years for my insomnia and than i got pregnant with my daughter and havent smoked in a year. it helped me sleep very well and i got up at 8 am with my cuzins daughter and fed her breakfest. its ok to smoke in my opinion if you dont over do it.

Mr. Sativas Pott ;)

Im not going to lie im a pothead and i give my 100percent support to this remedy. Toke up my fellow smoke buddy

kid genius

THANK GOD I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, first off who cares if its illegal, i bet everyone that commented on this does something
illegal every day, so why BS, .......point being, IT WORKS!

thanks for listening

deek eatches

who cares if its illegal it works


That was really funny stating that you will also lose a few brain cells as well. Studies indicate that smoking 'weed' actually stimulates the brain and alot of people in studies have proven to be 'smarter' and clearer thinking. Maybe what you smoked wasnt weed. Blame brain tumors for that? Fricking funny. I live in Michigan and plan on going to get my medical card for 'weed' for my migraines and Im 47 years old, female who has not smoked since high school. But as we speak (legal or not, pfffft).. Im lighting up and going to sleep.. Zzzzzz nite all. oh and you too all you biased idiots


weed makes me feel kinda wired, I have tried many kinds and does not matter, I will be moving and chatting away. I ate 1/4 of a brownie about a year ago after not having any weed for years and my husband wanted to tape my mouth shut at 4 in the morning. The whole reason I tried was to be asleep at 4 am.

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