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Inhaling marijuana smoke shortly before going to bed has been known to aid in getting to sleep. You may feel groggy in the morning, but a quick run around the block will fix it, no problem. There are debates regarding the morality and in some cases the legality of this method, but works.

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You have to be careful with this. If smoke too much, or too little, you will have other side effects. You also get some really weird dreams. But, if your desperate, it will work.


its illegal!


have tr5ied this and it does leave u very groggy and you will probably need it every night to sleep


haha omg it's illegal!! how stupid. lol

no sense of humor these days


this worked 4 me 4 years. then i had to quit because of my job. I haven't really had a good nites sleep since. plus i've lost like 50lbs, no more munchies.. :>(

Not Sure

actually, medical marijuana is legal in some parts of america (and can be prescribed for almost anything, especially insomnia) and recreational use is legal or decriminlaized in many parts of the world.

the trick is to get the right kind of ganj, there are Indica and Sativa plants, and depending on what time they are harvested and what strain you're using, a wide range of effects can be produced, from a tired relaxing body high(perfect for insomnia), to an clear-headed awakening high.

so, do some googling on the subject, move to a state that allows medical cannabis use, get a prescription card and some seeds, and youre ready to grow your own medicine, and the best part is, it will be %100 legal.


I have used many over the counter medications, perscriptions, teas, warm milk, and the herbel crap. The only thing thats ever worked for me is smoking weed before bed. I lay down too sleep around midnight but can't fall asleep untill around 5-6:00AM every single night(or morning), and wake up at 8:00AM. But when I smoke weed before bed I am asleep within
15 minutes. Its best sleep aid thats not on the market, where I live anyways.


Isn't this illegal... You shouldn't do this! Go see a doctor if insomnmia is at the point where you don't sleep at all. It could just be your bed!

fight the power

BLAH! you people think its wrong just cuz its illegal! people abuse it yes, but if you are responsible then its fine. Just is the same with alcohol, some people abuse it and others are responsible.


Its true this does work although i tend to overdo it and wake up trying to figure out where i am.

and yes medicinal weed is legal in some states in America... except that FEDERAL LAW over rules state law (federal = illegal, state = sometimes legal), as you would see if you watch SUPER HIGH ME the spoof of super SIZE me lol

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