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I started taking cranberry 1680 mg...2 softgels three times a day with lots of water. I have also been taking garlic, and enchinacea (which are natural antibiotics) within 6-8 hours after I began the cranberry I could literally feel the infection flushing through my ureters, then through bladder, and out of my body!!! this is like the 2nd kidney infection I have ever had in 32 years. I am not sure which had most effect or if all three combined.. but yesterday I had fever, chills, and to top it off an abscessed tooth...which seems to be getting better too.

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Let's see. Cranberry is an irritant so taking it when you have pain in the urinary tract atually increases the irritation. Cranberries do not kill the bacteria, they prevent it from adhering to the lining of your urinary tract and kidneys. The large consumption of water and dispelling of it is probably what you are feeling. Kidney infections are not a hangnail. They can be life threatening. If you don't want conventional treatment, then start with your naturopth. Just save the life of your kidneys - be smart.

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