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I started taking cranberry 1680 mg...2 softgels three times a day with lots of water. I have also been taking garlic, and enchinacea (which are natural antibiotics) within 6-8 hours after I began the cranberry I could literally feel the infection flushing through my ureters, then through bladder, and out of my body!!! this is like the 2nd kidney infection I have ever had in 32 years. I am not sure which had most effect or if all three combined.. but yesterday I had fever, chills, and to top it off an abscessed tooth...which seems to be getting better too.

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i am trying this one,,i just took garlic and cranberry pills i hope this works,i will let ya all know.


i seem to be a lot better
in comparison to 5 hours ago and i had 4 cranberry pills and 2 garlic pills
drinking a lot of water

no longer needing to go as frequent


I am prone to kidney infections, especially when I drink a lot of Coca-Cola. The pain becomes unbearable.

When this happens, I immediately buy 100% cranberry juice and begin to drink it. In NO TIME, EVERY TIME, the pain immediately begins to go away. The next day I am PAIN FREE. It works. What a miricle drink !!!!!


can you find the cranberry 1680 at walmart? Or where do you find it


You can find that cranberry at Walmart! :-)


I was just checking to see what people were taking. I can ad some helpful information to the list. With the cranberry, make sure it's sugar free, because sugar will aggravate the situation. I found some cranberry herb tea that is actually made for the kidneys, I am drinking that along with the cranberry pills. Also the supplements colloidal silver, lots of vitamin C, and grapefruit seed extract are helpful for knocking out infection. These are always my first line of defense. Sometimes I can kick it myself by doing this, sometimes I have to resort to antibiotics.

Doctor Jay

never ever ever take colloidal silver
it turns your skin permantly blue. This is banned completely in some areas of florida


I just overcame a kidney infection in 2 days:

1. Plenty of water
2. Green and Blueberry Tea
3. Natural unheated.untreated honey (cold, not in tea)
4. UTI Clear (3 times day)
5. D-mannose (half teaspoon every 3-4 hours)
6. Potassium Citrate (3 times a day and before sleep)
7. Goldenseal root (2 times a day)
8. Uva Ursi (3 times a day - do not use long term)
9. Natural 100% Cranberry juice 16 oz a day

The bill for all of the above will be about $120 or so.

I avoided:
1. All animal protein including milk, yogurt, cheese..
2. Eating too much
3. Anything containing SUGAR (this is important as bacteria in the UTI and Kidney's grow on sugar)

Kidney infections are serious and I was prepared to go to the doctor if this didn't help and do antibiotics. Matter of fact, that was my initial plan. But After reading and from person experience, my intuition said to try without antibiotics first and go to the doc as a second option only.

Reading even more, I find that antibiotic treatments, while initially very effective, are set up. The problem many experience is that the infections come back and the antibiotics become less and less effective, until they don't work anymore and the infections just keep recurring.

I think the theory that antibiotics kill the essential and good bacteria along with the bad bacteria is correct. It is also correct that the bad bacteria develop resistance to the medication, eventually making them useless.

In the future this will be my course of action (in this order)if a UTI starts up:

1. Water and more water
2. Potassium Citrate 2-3g 3 times a day (can also be Calcium Citrate)
3. D-mannose (1/2 teaspoon every 3-4 hours)
4. Uva Ursi
5. Goldenseal root
6. UTI Clear (if handy)
7. Teas
8. Raw untreated cold honey
9. Cranberry or blueberry juice

Hope this helps someone


Forgot to add that I also ate a few cloves of raw pressed garlic with water at least once a day.

Not Blue Juice

Doctor Jay, please check your research on colloidal silver. It has yet to turn a single person blue, even when consumed in large amounts. There have been (a very few) cases of people turning blue-gray from taking silver, but they were not taking pure colloidal silver and they took it in massive quantities daily over a period of years. There is no proof whatsoever that colloidal silver is harmful and certainly not when taken for a week or 2 during illness. The standard dose of 1 tsp. 3 times daily contains far less silver than the EPA considers safe. Colloidal silver has been shown to eradicate over 60 types of bacteria, viruses, and fungi (and that is the lowest number I have found-some claim 100's) without harming friendly bacteria or normal cells. Ninety-seven % of colloidal silver is excreted in the urine within 48 hours of consumption. I'm willing to bet you can't think of a broad spectrum antibiotic that works half so well and without any negative side effects, not to mention as cheap as colloidal silver.

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