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Hey my name is Rachel. I'm 22 yrs old and i have stretch marks for the past two yrs due to my pregnancy. They were all over my stomache and ugly. Throughout the yrs they would get lighter but still looked ugly. I have alot. Anyway...i was in Walgreens about 4 nights ago and i seen the stick of cocoa butter 100% it's better than using the lotion (the lotion did no justice)I've been using this 100% cocoa butter stick for the past four days...and it works wonders....My stretch marks are so much lighter and alot of them have become barely noticeable. I love this stick. It only costs $1.00. There's not a specific way or time to put it on but i over due it i think, lol. I put it on when i wake up (i sleep with it under my pillow) i put it on after every shower, i put it on before i go to bed. I put it on about 3 to 4 times a day. I love it. Also, i put alot. It's kind of dry at first but the more you rub it on your stomache, the oiler it gets, so i like to put alot. That's just how i do it, you can do it your own way. It really works though, i would have never thought. I was reading in the stretch mark comments that someone else had posted on here and she said that in six months hers were all gone using the cocoa butter you should try it and be patient. Hopefully you'll see results as i did. Good Luck.

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I am really excited about this cocoa butter stick. I am going to look for it this weekend. I just started using straight Vitamin E - not enough time to know if it will work, but I plan to use both items.



I was wonderin if anybody has used the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick? Please let me know if it works or not cause thats what I have in my medicine cabinet but I'll probably just buy the yellow one to be on the safe side


I had my first baby in 2002. I have 2 older sisters w/ kids and they both have streatch marks like Freddy Krueger! So when I found I was preaganant I freaked out! I was so scared I'd end up like them.
I looked up all sorts of 'Promise to prevent/ remove streatch marks' creams and remedies there was. I used the 100% Cocoa Butter Stick 2-3x's a day (yellow @ Wallmart for a Buck). I'd recomend nothing else before it along w/ good healthy food (salmon has a lot of skin benifits) and pleanty of water. However, every body's skin type is not the same. I normally have dry skin myself. So I woudl think this should work for most ppl. Yes it did stain my clothes from rubbing off onto them but my skin has very few to no visible marks. I truly do agree with this lady. Everyone I've recommended it to has had the same results from it. I dont think there is a brand name for it. But you can find it in the lotion Isle. I am currently preagnant w/ my 2nd child and I have been using it faithfuly and not seen any new streatch marks (8 mo along). Just for note I am much bigger w/ this second preagnancy than my first like most women.


I jsut posted the last comment. I would also recomment using Queen Hellen's Cocoa Butter Lotion after preganancy, right after taking a bath or shower for the first year after giving birth this reduces if not eliminates the few streatch marks you may not have been able to prevent. It does work and its like 3-4 bucks at Walmart and it come in a jar w/ a brown lid. Im so foreal about this!


Thank you so much! I'm a 15 year old girl and I have stretch marks on my legs, which I had no idea how to get rid of until I stumbled upon your remedy. I have always been thin but I am growing really fast. At 5ft 8inches, it's already hard to find pants when I'm all legs. There is nothing worse than constantly worrying about covering my stretch marks also. I intend to try the cocoa butter as soon as possible and I really hope it works!!!


i am only 14 and have strech marks havnt even had children i hope thi sowrks....


My marks are from about 5 years ago when I was pregnant at 15 so my skin wasnt even done 'growing'. I've had two more kids since and WAY more stretch marks. Also I went up and down in pregnancy weight super fast (like losing 50 lbs within one week of all three kids being born) so I have xtra flab too. Does cocoa butter work for older marks and any suggestions on how to tighten the flab?


i got bought this...hoping it would works!!

if i see any improvement i will let u guys know!!

Thnks for the tip!


The only thing I can find is a lip balm thats a yellow stick. If you could maybe find it online and post that info. That would be great. Thanks


Hi, I'm 14, I've never had a child, and I'm very thin. I grew 6 inches in one year, and now I'm extremely tall. I'm about 5ft 8 1/2 inches. I found stretchmarks on the inner parts of both of my legs and I was really worried that I was getting them because I was starting to get fat or something, but I found out that you can get them from adolescent growth spurts, which I've had a lot of. I tried this cocoa butter stick and it worked almost immediately! Thank you soooo much! I strongly reccomend it :D

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