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Hey my name is Rachel. I'm 22 yrs old and i have stretch marks for the past two yrs due to my pregnancy. They were all over my stomache and ugly. Throughout the yrs they would get lighter but still looked ugly. I have alot. Anyway...i was in Walgreens about 4 nights ago and i seen the stick of cocoa butter 100% it's better than using the lotion (the lotion did no justice)I've been using this 100% cocoa butter stick for the past four days...and it works wonders....My stretch marks are so much lighter and alot of them have become barely noticeable. I love this stick. It only costs $1.00. There's not a specific way or time to put it on but i over due it i think, lol. I put it on when i wake up (i sleep with it under my pillow) i put it on after every shower, i put it on before i go to bed. I put it on about 3 to 4 times a day. I love it. Also, i put alot. It's kind of dry at first but the more you rub it on your stomache, the oiler it gets, so i like to put alot. That's just how i do it, you can do it your own way. It really works though, i would have never thought. I was reading in the stretch mark comments that someone else had posted on here and she said that in six months hers were all gone using the cocoa butter you should try it and be patient. Hopefully you'll see results as i did. Good Luck.

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RACHEL i posted this about three weeks ago...and the stretch marks are looking so much better. like 3 of them are almost completely gone..and the rest of them are getting smaller. It takes time...I still have alot, but little by little i see improvement.


Does it also work on large stretchmarks?


I read what you write,but can you help me to find this product.I'dont know ,how it is?It's butter of cocoa.


Good News!! I had body building stretch marks and my wife had pregnancy stretch marks. We used this product and it worked. I have tried so many products and treatments but none really worked. Believe me, this is not marketing talk, I genuinely want to share this information with you guys. I won't make a cent out of this. They have very limited production and eventhough I cannot vouch whether it will work for every single person, it is definitely worth a try. Very reasonable pricing. Best thing, its 30 days money back guarantee!


does it work for dark stretch marks?and what is the brands name?


ok so wat brand is it?? cuz there are alot out there..


I use Raw Shea Butter and Raw African Black soap It made a big difference. You can email me if you need some both of them and more.


I have this very same 'cocoa stick' and it makes my skin feel like wax. When I put clothes on, it even rubs off on them. I used it 5 times and I just can't seem to bring myself to use it again.


hi from where can i get this stick of cocoa butter ??????? if u can plz reply ...thanx


the cocoa butter is a yellow stick at walgreens for 99cents

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