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Put Neosporin ointment on the bites to help the healing process and prevent infection.

Wrap an ace bandage over the site to cut off the air. The air is what makes it itch.

I just got my first night of sleep thanks to the ace bandage!

(Thank you to everyone on this site for contributing their ideas too.)

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OK. Thought I'd update on my post. Turns out that I am apparently having an allergic reaction to the bites, so now I'm on oral and topical steroids. If you start scabbing and the bites seem to be spreading with red splotches around the bites...go to the doctor.

Take care!


The air is NOT what makes it itch. It's the fact that the mite started boring a feeding tube into your skin so that it could extract your partially digested tissue!! Only slightly irritating. ; )

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