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Previous advice from Andy has worked well for me. I have dry socket from a first molar traumatic extraction. I could see down into the socket but it looked as though some of the deep root had clotted but there is a hole in the socket. First, I cleaned out the socket by very gently irrigating using an ordinary syringe. I filled the syringe with warm saline solution and irrigated the socket (over a sink) by squirting a full syringe into the socket a couple of times and gently rinsing out warm saline solution. Then I soaked a small ball of cotton wool from the end of a cotton bud in clove oil and put it into the socket for 24 hrs. I then removed the dressing and left the socket open to heal. The pain took about 15 minutes to diminshed and I cant believe how much better I feel. Now have to wait and see if it works.

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