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I had my first bout of what I can only believe was eczema after a stressful couple of months of digestive problems. My skin under and above my eyes (very delicate areas) was red, puffy, sore, itchy and peeling off by layers every morning. I tried all sorts of creams, changed make up and was unsuccessful until I came across a remedy from a book I had. It suggested putting on Evening Primrose (comes in capsules - you prick it with a pin). You apply it directly on the affected area and it you should see results with a few days. If you are treating a larger area, you can dilute it with olive oil. It worked like miracle. I also apply Almond Oil on top of it in a thin layer and this seems to keep it moist and suptle. I hope this helps, it was my savior.

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Not to frighten you, but the fact that your rash was around your eyes resembles Lupus. I would check that out with a doctor if I were you.


It's called ocular eczema, most likely. very common. you can google that and you'll find lots of stuff about it. :)

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