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Boston, MA

For seborrhoeic eczema my doctor prescribed Elocon. It worked in the begining but over time lost its effectiveness. I tried Tea Tree Oil from a health store and found it cleared up my outbreak almost over night. Just apply to outbreak area a couple of times a day. The only down side is the smell. Not too pleasant but at this point anything is better then the itching and outbreaks.

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Tea Tree Oil is fine just make sure you stay hydrated as it is drying &
can dehydrate you.Keep away from eyes & nose.Tea Tree is also good for fungal & yeast infections.For fungal
apply with cotton ball.(if nails,place
cotton ball on top apply bandaid overnight until gone.For yeast apply
7-10 drops to tampon,apply in the regular way.For your info Tea Tree and Lavender Oils are the only ones to apply neat(straight on)the others are to strong and need deluting.

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