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I was in such agony last night from my back wisdom tooth, I couldn't sit still! I came online to look up ANYTHING to help me. I saw a couple of entries for Vanilla Extract, so thought what the hell! I ran to cupboard, scrambled to find it and I first poured a capful and swished it around my back tooth. Then I swabbed it with the extract to make sure it was ON tooth. All I can say is WOW. It cut my pain down about 80%! I took 3 ibuprofen too, and I was finally able to go to sleep and feel like I was in control again.
Thank you to those who write these remedies down. This was a life saver for me.

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i tried it works for about five minutes and then the pain is back...sombody please help it hurts so bad


it didnt work for me and i am going to KILL SOMEBODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


Some where between the Vanilla Extract, salt water , pain killer. the pain went away , but when all else fails home remedies is the page - ---- finally some sleep !!


fantastic!!!! I didn't expect it to work but it did! nice one mate!!!

Lex Luther

WOW is all I can say!!! I have been taking Motrin for the past 2 days and about 2 hours ago, took an 800mg Motrin. barely worked. I grind my teeth at night, and may have caused a cavity in the back causing massive pain on the top and bottom of my mouth. I just rinsed my mouth with Vanilla extract (immitation) and then dabbed a little of the pure Vanilla extract....has been an hour so far, and my mouth feels great!!!!!! who ever thought of Vanilla extract is truly a genius and THANK YOU!!!!!!


dont work for shit


just tried this remedy and it worked INSTANTLY!!!! WOW

Bill W

I've had a hole straight down into the middle of my molar with an exposed root for about 4 months now and have been filling the hole with temparin which has worked up until today. then I found this! This works like a charm! First I brushed my teeth really good. Then I took a small swig of vanilla extract, swished it around my tooth and held it there until it started this tingling/burning sensation. The I spit it out and did it again. Now the pain is completely gone!


Didn't help at all.


I wanna try it so bad i been taking ibprofin 500mg every 3-4hrs.. I also take extra strength orajel.. I hate this feeling. I hope then peanut butter works!

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