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Patty Green

I watched a show on tv about how to prevent an outbreak of poison ivy.
The man was a plant specialist.He was very knowledgable about the effects of plants on the body.He said to eat a leaf 20-30 minutes before you get in it.He said it worked.I had suffered with the effects of poison ivy for many years before his show.I got up the nerve to try it tried it once and have never had another reaction since that show.While I would advise anyone to use this with caution,it worked for me!

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what the fuck. now why in your right mind would you EAT WHAT IS DRIVING YOU NUTS?! seriously, no worries just ingest one of the fricken buggers. clears it right up.


I just read that eating a leaf can be lethal. I can actually shut down your organs if you are susceptible to its effects. BEWARE!!!


My solution would be, if you knew you were going to get into it, then you could avoid it. Just my thoughts


Eat what type of leaf? Do you think that I'm the Swamp Thing you jerk off? People get real about this,the only leaf to do the right job is Weed.


I was told that by an old man about 20 years ago, never could get up the guts to try it. Figured he knew he was about to die and wanted to take me with


Patty Green has lost her mind...I would not suggest eating poison Ivy. Why don't you just substitute toilet paper with it.


This makes some sense, but I prefer to do it in a controlled and safe method. Take a homeopathic preparation of Poison Oak. Namely Rhus Tox. To cure the effects of the poison (found in poison oak, ivy and sumac) take Rhus Tox 6c potency in 3-4 tablet increments about every 45-60 minutes until you see results(should take less than 1-3 doses to completely relieve itching and reduce the rash by up to 80%). To create future immunity, take 1 tablet per month of the 30c potency.

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