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Put a glass of drinking water in a copper container overnight and drink first thing in the morning.

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I have just bought a Copper container (12 litre) for storing water. I was told that it has a lot of benefit. But in some sites I saw that higher content of copper in water may lead to vomitting, nausia etc..

What do I do. Use the copperware or go back to the old system of collecting water from Aquaguard and store in plastic bottles?
Any suggestion is welcome

Ramasamy Murugan

Copper container is the best always provided you are cleaning it daily with tamarind paste and coconut yarns. (No Sabena, Soap water, chemical cleaning permitted. It has very good effects especially if you store the water for overnight. Never Never store the water in plastic containers since it looses its properties at elevated temperatures and spoil the water good properties.

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