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Activated charcoal helps to draw out the infection. You can buy activated charcoal at most any health food store. Take about a tablespoon and mix it in with a little water,mix to a paste consistency. Smear it on a small piece of gauze,and place it directly upon the hurting tooth and the pain will stop shortly.

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I've tried everything: salt water, Orajel, Listerine, peroxide, Cepacol, etc. The only thing that has worked for me is: 1) brushing my teeth, 2) swishing the tooth with Theraflu warming relief for a least one minute and lastly, #3) applying the paste of activated charcoal and warm water directly to the tooth and gum. I've been pain free for the last few hours. I can't be sure if this will work for everyone but applying this solution in this order has kept me from laying on the couch in the fetal position praying for sleep to take over. In fact, it is the only remedy that has lasted this long.

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