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Antonio Jimenez

“Plantar Warts Be Gone Treatment”
Last summer I, my wife and son went to a public swimming Pool. Me and my son got plantar warts there after. For months re tried a bunch of over the counter products. It was just a waste of money.

Well, after reading all the natural remedies with lemon skins, vinegar drops and duct tape, it started to sound as though they were trying suffocate the plantar wart.

Well, I ended up going to the dollar store and bought a container big enough to put my foot in and about a half gallon of vinegar. I went home put my foot in the container and filled it with vinegar(don't remember which kind, it was clear). The vinegar went up to ankle fully submerging the plantar wart, which was on the bottom of my foot. I left my foot in the container for about 30 min. I was looking at a 30 minute show, to make the time fly by. When I pulled it out I applied a couple of drops of key lime (don't think this did it but I did do it).
The next day I could see the plantar wart but I could squeeze it now and it was no longer tender and painful (almost like it was dead). Needless to say I did the same for my son and he had the same results. I did nothing else after this. It took about a month to completely disappear and it left no scar.

Neither I nor my son felt any pain after what I call the “Plantar Warts Be Gone Treatment”. Total cost $3.00 and tax at a dollar store. 2 Containers and a half gallon of clear vinegar.

If this helps you, Please spread the word to other forums as these plantar warts are painful. It’s been over 6 months now and no reappearance of any Plantar Warts on me or my son.
My age 36 my son 9

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I also have plantar warts and have my right foot currently soaked in vinegar (Apple Cider)
'Vinegar works in removing warts because it's acidic content. The acid does not kill the virus, but it soaks into the skin which allows the surface layer, with the wart and virus, to peel off.'
So it doesn't matter if it's ACV or clear vinegar, it still has acidic content.
Have high hoopes that this method will work :)


Thank you so much for this information I have had plantar warts on and off since i was 5 12. and am now in my early 30s.The doctors used to freeze them and make me apply the salicylic acid. Which hurt alot!!!!! to no avail! but have tried this method for a few days now, and they are almost gone. Thank you so much.

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