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Weight Loss
For married females:

Take a table spoon of lal masoor ki daal and boilit with 4 glasses till a glass remians. pour that liquid in a glass and keep it till daal sttles down at the bottom ( better do it at night) - pani nithar lein and drink the water and daal ko phenk dein. drink this water for 40 days.

For unmarreid females:

Take a table spoon of lal masoor ki daal and boilit with 4 cups till a cup remians. add some salt and pepper, onion ginger galric, and blend it well . take this soup daily

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What language are you speaking> How would we know what in the world those ingredients are!


why is there a difference between what married and unmarried women should be drinking/eating?


OMG lmfao

this is soo funny

lal masoor dal are lentils and no ofcourse it doesn't make a difference whether or not your married the guy is just being silly but it's so funny cause i understand it hahahaah


This person is a f-ing moron!


hi can unmarried use both.thanks


LOL is there a special one to follow for Gay and Lesbians? hahahaha this is so funny months later and it still makes me laugh!


It seems that he is just trying to be nice to the husbands of the married women by leaving out the onion garlic and ginger. Unmarried ladies have no one to impress with their breath!


Hi, i am an indian are you did this. if you did so how many weight you iose in 40 days.


Lmao, this sound like some superstition shit hahahahha:)


Guys, stop making fun of people.I think this is so rude and shameful to embarrassed someone like this.

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