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If you're a smoker, heartburn is sometimes unavoidable. I'm a smoker and I know this to be fact. So if you don't smoke don't start. However, the misconceptions with milk and other acid neutralisers such as bicarb of soda may just make it worse, not better. Like a few in here have commented, producing more acid to get rid of the access food in your stomach is where u may want to be at. Yes and apples are good and yes raw patato does seem to work. And yes, it seems apple cider vinegar also does just fine. But it's a fact, if it occurs regular like, rather go and see the doc.

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Kat Petines

I smoke a lot too (plus I drink a lot of coffee and alcohol) and so I have stopped complaining about getting this burning sensation after I eat. But I've tried chewing sugarless gums and wonders of wonders, it works!

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