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Well it may seem supersiticious, but it did work for me in my entire life.For a sty in left eye, tie a black thread around your right toe.and viceversa.How it works I can not explain.May be some chinese aquapuncyure doctor know it.

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I'm an acupunturist, yeah this sounds great- i must recommend it to clients.

The little toe is a powerfull point for headaches as the points there are the furthest from their opposite end of the line of energy that ends at the head and eye - and so exert powerfull influence on the head and eye.


Wanted so much for this to work but the black thread has been on my toe foe 3 days and no relief!!


Which toe do you tie it around?


Which toe? Big one, little one, what?


The little toe, according to the comment from the acupuncturist above.


That should only be done on April Fool's Day- the only day it will work.


That last comment got me crying laughing....


Maybe it's in the 'stretch' required to tie said string on toe.

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