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This is not a home remedy, but Mary Kay sells a cleanser called velocity. It is only 10 dollars!! I use it twice a day and my bottle from christmas is still half full. Around Christmas time i began to use it and in one week my friends noticed a huge difference. Now the only time i break out is when i forget to wash my face. After i use the velocity cleanser i put Mary Kay acne treatment gel($7) over my pimples and they go away over night. I highly reccromend both Velocity ($10) and the Mary Kay acne treatment gel ($7)

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i took your advice and bought it. i was so amazed it works so well and was well worth my money. thanks.


I have been using both of those products for about a year now, and i LOVE it. it works so great on my face and my skin is so smooth. really works, way worth the money! try it.


Okay, so I have some things about Velocity. It in fact, does work well. For a while. It takes care of all the big things. But not the little ones. Like I get cysts and blackheads around the corners of my nose. It didn't take care of that. And on my forehead, I have a bunch of things that look like zits, but they don't head. Velocity doesn't take care of those either. I haven't tried the acne gel, maybe I will try that. But I think Clearisil Ultra works wonders. Overall, I like Velocity, and will possibly consider buying it again.


i used it and it really really works good. I have really sensitive skin so its hard to find things that wont dry my skin out and im a teenager im 16 and it really worked for me.


I have never really had bad acne before, just a few pimples and I tried Velocity for 2 weeks. It broke out my skin in acne the worst it's ever been. I read online that it clogs your pores which isn't good. So I stopped using it and just washed my face with a soap bar and my acne went away fast, lol. It just depends on the persons skin really, it works for some people, just not for me.


I sell mary kay if you are in need of a mary kay consultant. I provide free shipping aswell you can search online at I agree that it does work i had horrible acne and scarring and the timewise made a huge difference and the day and night solution cleared my scaring. If have any questions feel free to email me on my site thank you and have a great day. :)


I DO NOT recommend this! I've used 'Velocity' and it is fragranced! With all due respect, while it may work for you, keep in mind you may not be sensitive to fragranced face washes. If you ARE SENSITIVE to fragrance, like I am, trust me, it's only going to make your acne worse. Also keep in mind that Mary Kay is very popular with middle aged women with MATURE SKIN TYPES. Their products are geared toward that age group. If your skin is not mature yet, (in other words, if you aren't 40+ years old). I do not recommend their products for women who are in their mid-twenties like myself. And DON'T buy it just because it says Mary Kay on the label!

Alyssa :)

First of all, my mother sells Mary Kay And i have been using Velocity for about 2 years now. My acne has cleared up and i hardly ever have break outs. The only way it clogs your pores is if you don't completely wash it off, along with any other faceial cleanser. secondly, there was a comment made that this is for those who are 40 years and up. Velocity was originally made for Teens. althogh it was geared toward teens, my mother also uses it and has yet to get a pimple. Yes it is frangranced, so if you are sensitive to fragranced face wash, this may irritate your skin. I am 17 and it workds amazingly for me. It also comes in a mens type. Both my brothers also use Velocity. they are 21 and 19.
I hope i helped everyone!!!


I use the treatment gel and it works great!

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