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I was looking for a home remedy for a tooth abscess and came a cross this site. I read and figured why not give them a try.

Here was my solution:
Combine 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 salt moisten a cotton ball or a small wad 0f TP or Paper towel mouisten and roll in the dry mixture put between tooth and gum. I repeated this a few times as the taste is a bit unbearable. In between my packing my mouth I swished around peroxide and also sucked on a t-bag. Mind you i started this at 1pm and by 7pm a head had formed on the abscess and i streilized a sewing needle and pricked the head and the abscess in now draining. I feel wonderful.

Not sure if it was one or all three of the remedies I tried but they work. Tonight when i go to bed I am going to suck on baking soda and salt to make sure i get the majority of the infection out.

Hope this helps.

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