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Witch Hazel pads. When I had a broken nose, the doctor had me get Witch Hazel pads and cut them in half and I kept them under my eyes all night & when I wasnt doing anything useful. The second time they had to re break my nose I tried it every day & it worked. It will work on any type of bruise! It will turn light green & sometimes even a little red before it disappears, but it is pulling it out & it takes the pain away quickly!!

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I read that a steak might work, but you have to be careful of bacteria in the meat. A frozen can of soup worked the best for me, when I had a painful black eye. It's the same idea as what boxers use between rounds to keep eye swelling down.

blackeye grl

Oh my goodness I had a black eye and came on here viewed about using witch hazel it is incredible how quick this worked thank u

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