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Ok first of all let me say that almost all of you say take a verry hot bath..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! do not do that i did and that crap spread like the pleage my dr said thats the worst thing you can do i had so bad i couldnt breath then my cuz told me somthing to use and this took mine away in 24hours..take a luke warm bath and use LAVA SOUP..idustrial cleaning soap..on the poison effected area

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the HOT showers do work! I've tried this the last 2 times I've had poison ivy, its wonderful. Your rash didn't spread but surfaced at different times. Poison ivy doesn't always come to the surface at the same time. sometimes it may take 12 hours and the remaining may not surface for 36 hours after you came in contact with the plant.
good luck!


This is getting worse by the minute by reading about dumb & dumber. You and your cuz can go climb into a volcano and bathe with lava for all I care and maybe that will relieve the itching.

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