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I read every remedy on the page. I have had many problems with my teeth and have even had shots of demerol and morphine it's been so bad. Well, I can't afford another ER trip so here I am again in pain!!!! Orajel came out with a severe pain gel. It's new. Burns like hell at first but half the tube later feelng better. I still had enough pain I couldn't sleep so I tried pepper and salt water. Didn't seem to help. The new Orajel does it just takes about 15 minues which feels like an eternity, I know, it's 4am and I have to be up for work. Anyhow, I also took abot 3 Lortabs and the Orajel seemed to work better. My next suggestion... take Ambien. Atleast it might help you get some sleep til you can visit a dentist.

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